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X-Files FanFic by Title: V

tri V-Day (22k)
Author: Sheryl Martin
Category: ANGST, MSR
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: On Valentine's Day, Mulder and Scully have an argument that turns into a fight. Will they kiss and make up, you think? :)

tri Vantage Points (11k)
Author: Marguerite
Category: MSR
Rating: R
Synopsis: Post consummation, Mulder and Scully contemplate "the night before..."

tri Visceral (42k)
Author: Danielle
Category: MSR, ANGST
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: Set post Elegy, Scully is feeling rather "sorry" for herself. Mulder just won't stand for that, and takes matters into his own hands...

redball recommended The Visitor (70k)
Author: Nancy Lemieux
Category: MSR, ANGST
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: Scully is having some strange "dreams" and Mulder is having out-of-body-experiences... Wonder if there is a connection? **heehee!**

tri Vodka and Ice (9k)
Author: Deliah Lemire
Category: MSR
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: A short little piece of mind candy...

redball recommended Volition Unbound (120k)
Author: Rachel Anton
Category: MSR, SMUT-O RAMA
Rating: NC25 (giggle)
Synopsis: Scully runs into an old boyfriend while on a case with Mulder, and Mulder sees red... Rachel includes these future classics in this story: The MulderLoveInjection, "69 Dude!" (to quote Bill and Ted), and a personal favorite Nine Inch Nails song. Good grief! I'm giving too much away!!! Special thanks to Rachel, of course, for writing this, and also to Amy and Marisa for e-mailing me their own personal Goodie Dances about this story before I read it... RECOMMENDED by Smutsters everywhere!!! :)
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