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X-Files FanFic by Title: #'s

redball recommended 12 Degrees of Separation (external link)
Author: Anne Haynes
Category: X-File, MSR, ANGST
Rating: Nothing stronger than an R
Synopsis: This is one of Annes's brilliant series, complied and linked to her own home page. It's a long one, but worth the time!

redball recommended 12 Rites of Passage (external link)
Author: Anne Haynes
Category: MSR
Rating: Nothing stronger than an R
Synopsis: Another lllloooonnng goodie! Worth the read!

tri 24 Hours Earlier (17k)
Author: XFLuv
Category: ANGST, MSR
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: A missing scene from Redux in Scully's bedroom. Good thing Mulder's apartment was too crowded!

tri 34 Hours (37k)
Author: Leyla Harrison
Category: Mulder ANGST, Scully ANGST, MSR
Rating: R
Synopsis: Its Mulder's worst nightmare when Scully is kidnapped -- and its the greatest terror Scully has ever faced. Can Mulder get to her before time runs out? Leyla still rocks my 'Shipper World!
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