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Gertie's Romantic/ANGST FanFic Archive

Welcome to Gertie's X-Files MSR FanFic Archive. If you are under 18, you should turn away right now. The stories on these pages deal with adult situations and I wouldn't want to be the blame for corrupting any chil'ren out there. Please see the navigation table to your right to find your way around the stories. All stories in this Archive with a red ball in front of them are, in my humble opinion, highly recommended, and the best of the best. I will only post the highest quality of X/F FanFic for you to read here, so this takes nothing away from the other stories. Because of this, I do not take story submissions.

FanFic Stories by Title:

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If you enjoy the stories listed here you will love Whispers of X and Blown Away, two excellent, currently updated MSR Fanfic sites. If you are new to Fanfic, a great resource to get your feet wet is X-Files Fanfic 101: An Introduction for Newbies.
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