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X-Files FanFic by Title: G

redball recommended Game (19k)
Author: Megan Reilly
Category: MSR
Rating: R
Synopsis: Mulder and Scully play a little game of "Let's pretend we've never met..." Set post Syzygy. (Just give me a second, OK?. I'm right in the middle of a "goodie" dance...)

redball recommended Games (124k)
Author: Lydia Bower
Category: MSR, pinch of ANGST...
Rating: NC17, and then some...
Synopsis: I can tell you this much folks... This one almost beat out Cheapened Things for the best sex scene... WOW! Mind candy, for the hopeless romantic...

tri Germ (37k)
Authors: Suzanne Schramm and Terma99
Category: "Sick Fic"
Rating: NC-17
Synopsis: Poor Mulder has a nasty cold... Scully to the rescue! (Hattie, this one is for you!!!)

tri Girl77 (34k)
Author: MoJo
Category: MSR
Rating: NC-17
Synopsis: A little RST Smut goodie! (Visit MoJo's Homepage for more of her fic!)

tri Gladly Beyond Any Experience (25k)
Author: Jennifer Maurer
Category: MSR, ANGST
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: Severe Scully ANGST over her cancer. Mulder comfort in OVERDRIVE! :)

redball recommended Going Once (23k)
Author: Jori Remington
Category: MSR SMUT! Ya, Baby!
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: Mulder asks Scully, "Once..." READ IT!!!

redball recommended Grains of Sand (22k)
Author: Kelida Flynn
Category: MSR, ANGST
Rating: PG
Synopsis: Set post Memento Mori, this one is ANGST filled and excellently written!

redball recommended Green Silk (94k)
Author: Eowyn Evenstar
Category: MSR, RST
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: Mulder overhears Dana and Melissa discussing his sexual preference. "Scully thinks I'm gay?! I'll show her..." BIG FUN for us!

tri Green Velvet Christmas (23kb)
Author: MystPhile@aol.com
Category: MSR
Rating: R
Synopsis: Christmas fluff. Follow-up of sorts to "Scully's Christmases," a tale of four holidays which were pretty miserable. This year she gets a happy one, and Mulder doesn't fare too badly either. This ignores Millennium.

tri Grief and Consequences (51k)
Author: Nicole Mason
Category: MSR ANGST
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: Scully deals with the aftermath of her sister, Mellisa's, death. Set post Paper Clip...
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