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Gertie's FanFic Picks

Are you new to X-Files Fan Fiction? Or a seasoned professional reader, looking for some of the best? Well, look no further! Feast your eyes on the following stories, all full of ANGST, romance and a healthy dose of SMUT!

  1. Cheapened Things by MD1016 NC17
  2. Doors by Lydia Bower and Emma Baker NC17
  3. Games by Lydia Bower NC17
  4. Wounded Heart by Sherry Davis
  5. One Last Push by Leyla Harrison NC17
  6. A Love So Strong by Leyla Harrison NC17
  7. Playing Goddess by Shalimar NC17
  8. Dance Without Sleeping I and II by Lydia Bower NC17
  9. Volition Unbound by Rachel Anton NC17
  10. Made By Time by Lydia Bower NC17
  11. Bonus! Without Reason by Rachel Howard NC17
  12. Bonus! Keep Me From the Cold by Stephanie Kaiser NC17
  13. Bonus! Platonic by Blueswirl NC17
  14. Bonus! The Words Series by Karen Rasch NC17
  15. Bonus! Desire by Leyla Harrison NC17

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