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X-Files FanFic by Title: E

tri Ecstasy (30k)
Author: Kelli Rocherolle
Category: MSR, X-File
Rating: R
Synopsis: Scully is slipped a little (a lot) of the drug Ecstasy, and Mulder must help her down. Spoilers for Genderbender.

tri Emergence (132k)
Author: Abbie Anderson
Category: UST, X-File, MSR
Rating: PG
Synopsis: Mulder and Scully are sent to a convention in Arizona, and while there, explore some feelings about each other. UST with a plot and then RST! YIPPIE!

tri Enough (41k)
Author: Pam Gable
Category: MSR
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: Scully attempts to deal with her jealousy of the other woman in Mulder's life--and it's not who you might think.

redball recommended Erlona's Heart I (103k) II (101k) III (121) and IV (130k)
Author: MD1016
Category: X-File, MSR, ANGST
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: All those who don't want to hear me gush more praise for the fabulous MD1016, turn back now! She has created a nifty tale for us with "Erlona's Heart" and still manages to keep the characters as true to the show as possible, and the ANGST in over drive! I bow at her alter every time I enter my own Archive...

redball recommended Eternal Flame (108k)
Author: Maria Wernhult
Category: X-File, ANGST, MSR
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: Thanks, Maria, for this wonderful alternate universe story! Very erotic and ANGSTy!!

tri Exaction (21k)
Author: L.D. Luckys
Category: ANGST, M/Other then MSR
Rating: R
Synopsis: Mulder is being blackmailed, and Scully is the bait.

redball recommended Expiation (18k)
Author: JohnieRed
Category: MSR, Super ANGST
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: This is a jump-up-and-down-GOODIE set post Never Again. Thanks Johnie!

redball recommended Eyes (21k)
Author: Leyla Harrison
Category: MSR, ANGST
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: There really isn't a great deal in this world that makes me "gitty." Surprise parties, new X/F episodes, good sex with my husband, being reunited with my dogs after not seeing them for a week... But, getting an e-mail from The-Queen-of-all-things-'Shippy, Leyla Harrison, with a copy of her brand new story included (that hadn't even been sent to alt.tv.x-files.creative yet!), can now be added to that short list. THANKS LEYLA!
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